Tips For Preventing Snow Damage To Your Garage Door

Wherever you see, it is white. Heavy snowfall and blizzards are pretty common during this time making your life a little difficult. You have to go out with friends or to your office, but that garage door keeps getting stuck and you have no idea what is wrong with. If your garage door in New York has started to act crazy without any reason, it might be due to snow.

Snow can damage your garage doors severely causing long lasting impairment. Most of the time, garage doors are located outside the house, where they are exposed to the extremities of the weather all the time. Whether it is heavy rain or heavy snow, you cannot prevent exposure but you can certainly avoid any kind of damage to the door with these simple tips:

  • Look for professionals: If you are here, you must have started doing some research on how to prevent snow damage to your garage doors, but instead of doing something yourself, try to hire a professional. Consulting a professional who is experienced in garage door repair in Bronx will help you in taking the right steps for preventing damage. They can give you right solutions according to the make and model of your garage door.
  • Scoop off snow: Before opening and closing the door, try to remove all the snow around the door. Make sure it is not affecting the closing mechanism. During winter season, snow can accumulate in heaps around the garage door preventing it from opening or closing. Snow can get into the mechanism, melt and jam it, causing serious damage to the mechanism.
  • Cover it: If you are going away for several days during winter holidays, cover the garage door with a large plastic sheet. This can help in preventing direct contact with the snow.

All these tips can help you greatly in preventing all kinds of snow damage. Make sure to contact a professional now!